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Who are we?

Veesion Agency is an independent artist management & content creation company based in the Netherlands.

Our services include everything from A to Z: from day-to-day management, marketing, social media, content creation, contract management & negotiation, label & product management, merchandise, DJ promo, press & PR. 

We pride ourselves with having a superpower to kick-ass, getting things done efficiently, quickly and ensuring everything is running smooth. 

Our company also offers an in-house designer, video editors, videographers & a photographer for an end-to-end content management. 

All and all, we are simply awesome. And we love working with other awesome people.

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Our Awesome Artist Roster


Orjan Nilsen

Dedicated, hardworking, and energetic – three words that are probably the best attempt to briefly describe what the Norwegian hot-shot Ørjan Nilsen is about. In the last few years he has been wow-ing audiences across the planet with his take on what a 21st century DJ and producer should be about with a unique signature sound, bound to no genres.


Mark Sixma

Mark Sixma is an artist whose music is known by the heart of dance music on a global scale. Born and raised in the capital of dance - Breda, the Dutch city that provided the world scene leaders such as Tiesto and Hardwell, he is responsible for some of the most revered timeless dance and edm anthems.



In an ever expanding global electronic music scene with new artists appearing every day, it takes nothing short of raw talent to stand out. As one of Canada's leading Trance artists, Somna holds the #65 spot in the DJTOP100 (TrancePodium 2018) making him the only Canadian within the top 100. His music can be found on the biggest trance labels in the world including Armada Music, Future Sound Of Egypt, AVA Recordings, Black Hole Recordings and Perfecto.One of few trance artists bypassing over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Somna's music regularly finds itself on the playlists of Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Andy Moor and more.


XiJaro & Pitch

Anthony and Xander crossed paths during their radio efforts in 2007 and began discussing music and exchanging guest mixes. This quickly led to more collaborations; first on mixes and mash-ups, and eventually also on their own music productions. Feeling their skills really complemented each other, they decided to officially join forces as “XiJaro & Pitch” in 2014 and set out to take their adventure in music to the next level.

Having found a grand new audience in 2020 with their live streaming efforts the duo look forward to continuing to enthrall their many listeners across the world, while further honing their own craft in the studio to deliver even more exciting music in the near future.


Caitlin Potter

Ranging from ethereal to powerful, Caitlin's voice is both genre-defying and a unique sound all on its own. Trained in opera, with a history as a writer and studio vocalist, she's now emerging on the Trance scene as a sought-after lead vocalist and writer. In her first year on the scene, her beautiful voice can be heard on tracks with Andrew Rayel, Robbie Seed, Digital Vision, and J-Stranger. Her co-written tracks have been released on well-renowned Trance labels like Armada and inHarmony, with future releases coming from Reaching Altitude, Multicolor Records, and Spoontech. These popular tracks have played on the legendary radio shows A State of Trance with Armin Van Buuren and Find Your Harmony with Andrew Rayel. With a diverse sound reflecting influence by everything from musical theater to kpop, from jazz to EDM, and a heavy focus on vocals, Caitlin is poised to breakthrough as a solo artist unlike any currently on the scene.



TLUXX (Brian Johnson) is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ/Producer based out of Los Angeles; he is originally from a small town in New Mexico.In 2012 a Cancer scare forced Brian to give up his dream of becoming a major league baseball player. During his recovery timefrom surgery, and struggling with his purpose on this earth, Brian discovered Avicii. To ease the pain and trauma of surgery, Brian spent hours upon hours in his basement learning the ins and outs of the music production and DJ performances; he quickly found his purpose in life, bringing happiness to people through music. He also founded and performs in the annual “Play It Forward”charity event, which raises over $2000 each year for a homeless teen shelter.With a master plan in mind and the right mix of talent and determination, TLUXX might just be the next big thing you’ll hear about; and yes, you might want to listen up

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Meet The Team

Meet our small (but amazing!) team below. Click on each photo for a short story of who is who.

Stefan Petranov
Preslav Belev
Vee Boneva
Ivaylo Manov
Joana Nikolova
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RAM & Susana present Tales of Life  - The Power Of Love (Lyric Video)
Black Hole Recordings

RAM & Susana present Tales of Life - The Power Of Love (Lyric Video)

This is a Christmas present for all RAM & Susana fans: the official Lyric video for The Power Of Love. RAM and Susana have always enjoyed the most emotionally charged of studio connections, one that goes back almost a decade to the unforgettable ‘RAMelia’. Their Tales Of Life collaborations though are held back for a certain vibe & style of track, and for the last one you need only look to 2020’s ‘You Are Enough’. In keeping with that, Tales Of Life present us with ‘The Power Of Love’ … and if those four words are ringing some pretty big bells, well … likely it’s for the best of reasons. While it’s not the first time that the Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s classic has passed through the trance prism, it may well be the first time it’s come by way of a cover version. There are very few vocalists within the realm that would be able to do justice to the emotional feel of the original, whilst giving it enough of their own for it to thrive in its own right. Susana however is just such a talent. In doing so, the Dutch singer’s voice reaches high but never overstates, whilst innately innovating and always playing to the strengths of her astonishing range. A masterclass in how to retain the spirit of the original, whilst still delivering something organic and downright magic, she instinctively and brilliantly walks the finest of lines. To bring maximum context to the beauty of its vocal, RAM packs the surrounds with a powder keg of a production. Plucky little strings rise to meet embracive pads & chords, while lucent harmonies and rapturous synths all conspire to create the most primetime of DJ drops. The track is the first single to be taken from ‘Wanderlust’, RAM’s forthcoming artist album. ‘The Power Of Love’ by RAM & Susana pres. Tales of Life is available through all good sales and streaming channels from today, here: Your life will be all the richer for it … Discover our music 🎶 Progressive & Beyond Let's Dance Trance 2021 Vocal Trance Top 50 New Releases Join our community 🚀 Discord Instagram Facebook YouTube TikTok Bandcamp Twitter Buy CD & Vinyl #BlackHoleRecordings
Fisherman & Susana - Playfulness (The Magic) [Official Lyric Video]
Black Hole Recordings

Fisherman & Susana - Playfulness (The Magic) [Official Lyric Video]

Discover on other services: After the success of the first single Enterprise, taken from the forthcoming debut artist album by Dutch music phenomenon Fisherman, he’s with an amazing follow-up. For Playfulness [The Magic] he enlisted the vocal talents of fellow Dutch artist; esteemed singer/songwriter Susana. Together these two have created something truly memorable, a fairy tale-like tune indeed. Lush strings, an epic atmosphere and a breathtaking vocal performance by Susana is followed by awe inspiring leads full of wonder and power, fueled by life itself. A marvelous attempt in demonstrating what it feels like as a young child to learn and therefore discover the complex, wonderful world we inhabit and the everyday wonders of life! Discover our music 🎶 Progressive & Beyond Let's Dance Trance 2021 Vocal Trance Top 50 New Releases Join our community 🚀 Discord Instagram Facebook YouTube TikTok Bandcamp Twitter Buy CD & Vinyl #Fisherman #Susana #BlackHoleRecordings
Tasadi & Sarah de Warren - I Would Do Anything (Official Lyrical Video)
Black Hole Recordings

Tasadi & Sarah de Warren - I Would Do Anything (Official Lyrical Video)

Discover on other services: ast year, cult underground tranceteer Tasadi signaled an end to his epic seven-year studio hiatus. It perhaps wasn’t the ‘when’ that garnered the most attention though, but the ‘how’… Taha Asadi used the last of his latent months to prepare an incredible groundwork for the return. Subsequently, over 2020’s duration, he directed an impossible-to-miss, twelve-strong, Jan-to-Dec new release hail at DJs, clubs & airplay lists. Those included outings for Orjan Nilsen’s In My Opinion, Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings & Alexander Popov’s Interplay, as well as much through the fast emerging Starsphere label. Now Tasadi addresses the New Year with another label debut, bringing us his first release for Black Hole Recordings’ foremost imprint, Magik Muzik. ‘I Would Do Anything’ pairs Taha with the estimable singing/songwriting talents of Sarah de Warren, and for her part the English vocalist brings the track all its heart. The cut-glass resolve of her delivery belies its laid-bare lyrics, the reflectively bittersweet nature of which is impossible to ignore. With Sarah delivering it its emotional charge, Tasadi’s left free to bring the floor power, which he does through the most tenacious of studio workouts. Replete with drum march, high-altitude synths and bags of bottom end, he drives ‘I Would Do Anything’s point home, square & true. Discover our music 🎶 Progressive & Beyond Let's Dance Trance 2021 Vocal Trance Top 50 New Releases Join our community 🚀 Discord Instagram Facebook YouTube TikTok Bandcamp Twitter Buy CD & Vinyl Tasadi #SarahdeWarren #BlackHoleRecordings
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Natalie Shay - Replay [Lyric Video]
Giuseppe Ottaviani

Giuseppe Ottaviani & Natalie Shay - Replay [Lyric Video] With Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Horizons’ album now on the very close, well… you know, the Italian levels the last of its forerunner singles. Already gathering considerable interest for the sound modification ‘Horizons’ beholds, its put into the sharpest of perspectives today through the mood-fuelled ‘Replay’. The track has put Giuseppe on a studio side-by-side with North London lass Natalie Shay, whose voice has been turning plenty of heads over the last five years. Many of those have been within the electronic music world too, where - having branched out from her indie-pop grazing ground, she’s worked on music with the respected likes of Kryder, Grum and others. ‘Dark’, ‘tough’ and ‘rolling’ best describe the outset of Giuseppe’s studiowork, which he latterly develops into a galactically celestial soundscape, underpinned by a deeper-space groove. Shorn of any pop gloss, Natalie’s words and delivery track Giuseppe’s more sobering tone to a tee. ‘Replay’s song speaks to loves once thought lost, but now coming around again (and all the good and the not-so-certain within). Carrying the ‘Horizons’ LP another step closer to release, ‘Replay’ drops today and is available through sales and streaming platforms here The album will be available later in the spring. Connect with Giuseppe
Tempo Giusto - ASOT 950
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